Samstag, 3. Dezember 2011

Applestrudel from Germany

250 g
For the dough:
125 ml water,lukewarm
1 soupspoon oil
1 pinch salt
  For the filling:
5 soupspoon butter
5 soupspoon breadcrumb
1 kg apples
  sugar and cinnamon
100 g hazelnuts or almonds, grinded
  for your taste you can add raisins or almond paste

How to do:

Give the flour in a bowl. Add the water and mix it with a wooden spoon. The dough has to be unruffled and constant. Divide the doughball, coat it with oil and let the dough relaxe under a warm bowl.
You have to stretch the dough, because it has to be very fine and thin.
Melt the butter and coat the thin dough with it. Bestrew it with the breadcrumbel. Cuth the apples small and mix them with cinnamon, sugar and the nuts. Arrange the mixture on the dough, let 1/3 of the dough and the border free. Now roll it, so that it's a strudel and retract the sides. Coat it with butter and bake it with 200°C for 30 minutes

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