Montag, 9. April 2012

Tampere (Finland) - The city of Moomins

The reason for my time in Finland was the school, which offered me the nice possibility for a students exchange with a high school in Finland. My Exchange-Partner from Tampere was really nice, but you had to get used to the finnish mentality. The finnish people are in the most case quite nice, but really shy, incommunicative and quite, that's is normal for them, but after a while, when they know you better, they are treat you like a family member and you don't feel like an alien anymore...

Mittwoch, 28. März 2012

New Travels

Hey guys,
next week I am going to the Eastern Ocean (photos and storys are following). I haven't plan my summer-holiday yet, but in september I am going to go to the Netherlands for sailing for a week (I'll take some pics to let you know how it was).
In the next week I'll also post some new recipes I collected from my travels. I to would like to know from you, if you would like to have a new label on my blogg, maybe called "Health and care"?

xoxo Nim

Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

Munkkis from Finland

about twenty pieces

2,5 dl milk
25 g yeast
1 egg
3/4 teaspoon salt
3/4 dl sugar
2 teaspoon cardamom
about 7 dl wheat flour
50 g butter or margarine

Dissolve the yeast to handwarm milk. Add egg and spices. Then add wheat flour and then soft butter or margarine. Let dough rise.

Then share dough to twenty pieces and make them like circle. Let them again to rise.

Heat up oil in the kettel. Roast munkit both sides so that they are goldbrown and well done.

Put sugar to plate and roll them in it after they have been in oil.

Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012

Do you know these days when you don't want to do anything?
These days are crazy, because you feel so empty as if the world was a video game. You are just a fictiv character who is navigated by somebody else...

 I don't know what to do against this emptyness but I would be very pleased if you could tell me about any solution..

Chocolate is a good alternative but it just fills your stomach but not your soul. Sports also take the rest of your energy but they help to turn off your head, so that you don't have to think about what is the reasons for your emptyness. I think poetry helps not just poems, also music or films...

Samstag, 3. Dezember 2011

London (England) - A Melting Pot of Spirit and Soul

"Ich habe das Merkwürdigste gesehen, was die Welt dem staunenden Geiste zeigen kann, ich habe es gesehen und staune noch immer ... ich spreche von London.", said Heinrich Heine. But how would London really be ? Curious, boastful or totally normal. Everything !!
London is for me one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Fantastic is the only adjectif to describe this city, because every other would be wrong. I don't think that I visited London for the last time. Some friends told me about London and how beautiful it is, but I wasn't so sure, because I am more a Small-Town-Girl. I distressed myself that London is nothing else like a big Shopping-Center and that the real London doesn't open for "tourists". But I had rated London, this beautiful and breathtaking city, wrong.
The route     From Germany we drove over the Netherlands and Belgium to France, where our ferry 
                      acrossed to Dover, England.And from Dover we drove to London.

Okay, after this sunup on the ferry from Callait to Dover, we really looked forward to our time in London.
After we got our Room in a hostel near the PADDINGTON STATION( HarryPotter-Fans: Platform 9 3/4 is there, but also the Paddington bear has his name from this station), we drove with our Tube-Daytickets to the PICADILLY CIRCUS. PICADILLY is a little like the Timessquare in New York, every evening you can find there artist, dancers and other people, who want to show their performances. The we went to SOHO or Chinatown with its impressive culture and buildings. LEICESTER SQUARE, where we saw by fluke a movie premiere with a red carpet, but we didn't know.OXFORD CIRCUS: Many shops, but to expensive for my moneybag. TRAFALGAR SQUARE: You have to see it and one of the highlight of every sightseeing-tour. Of course we had to see BIG BEN, the LONDON EYE and WESTMINSTER ABBEY at night. The we had to go back to the hostel....
At the beginning of our second London day we did a sightseeing-tour, what is in London and every other big city duty. After we had visit all the sights, we decided to do shopping. Where? At the absolutely trend-district CAMDEN TOWN. For me the best place for shopping. There aren't not only normal shops, but also a great market for clothes,  where you can find beautiful dresses. Really cool were the shops on whichs front are larger-than-life trousers or shoes fixed. And so fast the second day ended...
For my last day in heaven I had chosen something special. The PORTOBELLO ROAD MARKET at the district NOTTING HILL was my aim. It was the absolutely highlight of my London-trio, the streetmarket  was three kilometers long with everything you need: clothes, jewellery, food and everything else you can wish for. For every taste there was something and it is recommended to go there.

London is cult and well worth seeing. If you would invite me, I would everytime go there..=D

Applestrudel from Germany

250 g
For the dough:
125 ml water,lukewarm
1 soupspoon oil
1 pinch salt
  For the filling:
5 soupspoon butter
5 soupspoon breadcrumb
1 kg apples
  sugar and cinnamon
100 g hazelnuts or almonds, grinded
  for your taste you can add raisins or almond paste

How to do:

Give the flour in a bowl. Add the water and mix it with a wooden spoon. The dough has to be unruffled and constant. Divide the doughball, coat it with oil and let the dough relaxe under a warm bowl.
You have to stretch the dough, because it has to be very fine and thin.
Melt the butter and coat the thin dough with it. Bestrew it with the breadcrumbel. Cuth the apples small and mix them with cinnamon, sugar and the nuts. Arrange the mixture on the dough, let 1/3 of the dough and the border free. Now roll it, so that it's a strudel and retract the sides. Coat it with butter and bake it with 200°C for 30 minutes